Seeing the Unseen

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January 21, 2015 by Brian


Ever wonder what a flea looks like?  In this video, cinematographer Louis Schwartzberg gives us a view of things we have never seen before.  Not that they didn’t exist.  Humans just had no way to “see” them.  His use of electron magnification, time lapse photography, and data visualization techniques provided observable verification of things that, up to this point, have been too big, too small, too fast or too slow for us to envision.

In other words the things we believed to be true, but couldn’t see – have been revealed.  And, in the process, our human curiosity drives us to look even more closely at what else might be out there.

Nature really is cool to watch.  Check it out.

This lead us to a great discussion about why anyone believes in things they can’t see.  What drives people to investigate the unknown.  And how we can present a million known data points in such a way that the larger truth is visible.  In other words, is there a way to “show” the proof of God’s activity on earth in a similar way as Louis did with the earth’s cloud and wind patterns?  Should we even try?

A lot to ponder.  Till next time…..

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