If Jesus were the pastor of your church, you probably wouldn’t want to go there.

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October 23, 2014 by Brian


This was the title of the speech given by Francis Chan in the video below.   There is no hiding from the fact that the message itself is blunt:  The biblical description of “church” is radically different than what we are experiencing in America.  And, it is so different, that…

It would be like walking into an ice skating rink …. where people are throwing fish at little hamsters …. and asking them …. “what are you doing?” …. and they say ….  “playing soccer.”

What??  Are you kidding me?  Wow.  I don’t even know where to start…    —–  Francis Chan, 2014

Then, with surgical precision, he dissects the American church model and compares it to the biblical examples.  Francis also took apart his own preaching style, and mindset, by comparing it to the way Jesus preached, and the things Jesus said.  Really..Francis filleted the church as we know it, and the people (including us) who claim to be followers of Jesus.  Mostly not as a criticism of the people, but proposing that we have a serious misunderstanding about what it means to follow Christ.

Maybe eat lunch in your office today, and watch the video while you eat. It is a longer video – 50 minutes.  However, it will capture your attention and really make your think, which was evident in our conversation around the fire pit.  This was a hard message to hear, and an even harder one to readily make into a personal action plan for the week.

Most of the guys tried to analyze their own situation relative to the seeds/weeds/rocks/salt to which Francis referred in his talk.  Many wrestled with the bible’s depiction of the church and if it has any contemporary application.  Some were significantly convicted and knew right away where they had gone wrong in their interpretation.

This video was provided to us by the pastor of one of our local churches.  It was good to have him there to assure guys that the struggles Francis describes (as a pastor himself), are genuine and shared by many others.

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