Are athletes really getting better, faster, stronger?

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October 16, 2014 by Brian

What does this have to do with HolySmokes?  A lot, actually.  While the video is about the apparent acceleration in sports performance over the last 100 years, – ***spoiler alert*** – the fact is that nearly all of human advancement can be attributed to technology, more people doing the same things, and body type specialization.



This video was very interesting.  For our purposes, however, we took the conversation away from physical accomplishment and discussed the intellectual equivalent.  Are some people better suited to certain careers, etc., than others based on their mind-type (as opposed to body type)?  Just like in physical pursuits, the answer was…Yes.  What kinds of things make people different?  We came up with Intellect, Interests and Passion.

In addition to knowing for themselves, many guys thought it would be great to test their children to see what kinds of things for which they have a natural talent and aptitude.  It is hard for us to give kids exposure to everything, and sometimes they are forced to choose a career path without really ever discovering their true gifts.  It is hard for us, too.  Some of the guys admitted that while they are “happy” in life, they often wonder if there is something else they should have been doing with their lives.

Here is a link to a free Strengths Finder type test.  If you are curious, take the personality one, too.  The careers test might be the most informative in the end, but takes a long time to complete. – like 45 minutes.  If this sort of thing is interesting to you, then consider taking one that costs money.  Surely the results of a more professional profile would be more robust and instructive.

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