Can’t we just pretend “Revelation” doesn’t exist?

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August 27, 2014 by Brian

IsraelEndTimesTonight we went to school on what happens to Israel (and everyone else) in the End Times.  Why?  Because, by their own admission, most people (especially Christians) don’t really know much about bible prophecy in general, and get downright antsy when they talk about Rapture, Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, etc.  Part of being better men is to educate ourselves on things that matter, right?  Only a small handful of guys in the room felt that they knew a thing or two about Revelation.

Here is what we did NOT do, try and interpret or explain what the bible says.  We focused our conversation instead on simply becoming aware of what is written.  That way, if we ever see any of it on the nightly news, we might at least recognize it, and get busy studying!

In the opening of an article by Britt Gillette, he writes this about the general attitude toward bible prophecy:

Is Bible prophecy really important? And if so, how important? And aren’t people who expend more than a passing moment examining Bible prophecy simply uneducated crackpots and lunatics yearning for the destruction of the world? These are just a few of the questions bombarding today’s Christians when it comes to the study of Bible prophecy.


That Bible prophecy is irrelevant to the gospel or a mere playground for the mentally unstable is a message we constantly receive from the media, pop culture, and many so-called church leaders. It’s unfortunate, because this false image of Bible prophecy has succeeded in turning many Christians away from the gospel. Although recent history is marked by an untold number of date-setters and false prophets claiming to speak for God, this is no reason to ignore Bible prophecy.

Here is what the book of Timothy has to say:  “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It straightens us out and teaches us to do what is right. It is God’s way of preparing us in every way, fully equipped for every good thing God wants us to do” (2 Timothy 3:16-17, NLT)

To get our education started, we watched the following video.  The quality isn’t super high-def.  And, the graphics are almost comical, especially the ones concerning radiation poisoning, etc.  Doomsday! The video comes from a decent perspective, however, given our conversation last week about the state of Israel, and their ongoing conflict with much of the Arab world.  The speaker includes his opinions in his presentation, but does a good job of identifying it when he does so.


You can watch it here:


It was a curious dynamic tonight in that many of the guys who normally participate in discussion were largely quiet.  And, some of the guys who aren’t usually driving the conversation were a bit more engaged.  Some guys who don’t self-identify as hard core christians were among the most interested.  And a few guys who seem completely committed, didn’t find much of this End Times stuff to relevant to them.  Which…led us into a very short and comical discussion about which of us believed the rapture was going to happen pre/post tribulation, and who was going to be stuck here either way.

I’ll finish with another quote from the article by Britt Gillette:

Almost every one of the promises Christians hold near and dear are based on prophecy: The promise of heaven. The hope of salvation. The joy of eternity with Christ. Each of these is a promise from God guaranteeing our future. And what is a prophecy, if not a guaranteed future event? So don’t let the mockery of others discourage you from studying Bible prophecy.

We don’t do these high-level biblical topics very often at HolySmokes, but it was a fun discussion nonetheless.  Enjoy.

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