Taking Candy From Strangers…The Day Her Life Changed Forever (in a good way)

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January 23, 2014 by Brian


Most of us have had a person who has made an impact on who we are today.  Or, maybe someone had just the right thing to say to us at the just the right time.  Was it a friend?  A teacher? A boss?  A spouse?  Maybe it was one of your kids who radically altered your perspective about something.

Has anyone ever said that YOU were that person for them?  That’ll rock your world, right?  The idea that for a time you were the biggest influence on another person can be humbling.  Especially so if you didn’t even know you were having an affect on them.

Truth is, we are making an impact on people with every interaction.  Good or bad, there is no such thing as a neutral interaction.  People leave an encounter with us subconciously wanting to be more like us, or less like us.  Our video this week does a great job of demonstrating that leadership (influence) is an everyday thing, done by everyone.  Check it out:


As we went round the room tonight talking about what our action items would be for the week, many guys commented simply that they will now be more aware of the impact they are having on others.  A few men took the opportunity to tell someone in the room about a moment in time when the course of their life was altered by that person.  This prompted all of us to agree that we need to be the kind of men who take the time to thank people for the impact they have made in our lives.  Don’t just let that be something you tell someone when they get old and near the end.  Tell people now.

We often think that our influence on people might be through our intentional advice.  And, sometimes it is.  Often, though, it is unintentional – by chance – that we make a difference.  It is our actions, not our words, that have the biggest impact on the people in our lives.

To make this point, one guy read a quote he found on an old notecard in the house he recently purchased.  Dated in 1940, the card read:

The lectures you deliver maybe very wise and true, but I’d rather get my lessons by observing what you do.  For i may not understand you and the high advice you give , but there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live.

True that.  Imagine…all this great material coming from an outdoor meeting around a firepit, in 35 degree weather – in FLORIDA!  See you next week!






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