Christians Need Balance, Too.

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December 23, 2013 by Kevin Manley

Balance is an important topic for men.  We seem to always be juggling finances, family, friends, church, relationships, health, etc.  Many times this juggling act is what keeps men out of church.  We feel that we are too busy or we don’t see how God can help with what we are juggling.

Playing it Safe

Christians can also go too far out of balance with God.  While it is important to put our faith in God we also need to remember that He is not asking us to play it safe.  We started with a funny video from Pastor Francis Chan.

In our meeting we all felt some connection to Pastor Chan’s video.  Some of us are holding on too tightly to our finances, our family, our job, or our faith.  Are we really trusting God?  The more tightly we hold on to one area, others may slip through our grasp.  There must be a model we can follow that provides balance and keeps God at the core.

Life Balance

The next video by Toye Oshunbiyi (don’t even try to pronounce it) paints a great visual of a model for Christian balance in a way I hadn’t thought of before.  It describes how we try to separate the different areas of our lives and continually change our focus.  We are constantly grabbing at each area of our lives and trying to keep it stable.  While we stabilize one, the other falls over, or we overcorrect.  We need a way to look at everything through a single lens.

There were a lot of great take-aways from the discussion.  We need to keep God at the core of our lives, but trust in Him and don’t try to play it safe.  We need to find a single lens to see our lives as a whole instead of putting every aspect of our lives on a separate spoke of a wheel.

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