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October 17, 2013 by Brian


HS - brian and gregHolySmokes is a weekly meeting of regular guys, from all walks of life and professions, who are interested in becoming better at the game of life.  On any given week there will be doctors, bikers, business people, realtors, contractors, retirees, sales guys, lawyers, mechanics, software developers, financial planners, musicians and and even a couple pastors, all coming together for that purpose.

What is the profile of the average guy at HolySmokes?  He may, or may not be a christian.  If he is, he probably feels like one of the only “real men” in his church.  If he doesn’t go to church it is probably because he thinks that church guys are hypocrites, wimps, or both.  Because of their past experience with the church, or someone in their life who was “religious,” they are either complacent, opposed, or ignorant about what it means to be a good man.

He probably enjoys a good adult beverage.  Maybe he fishes, or rides motorcycles, or shoot guns, watches football, probably works his ass off, talks a little trash with his friends and backs it up on the basketball court, golf course, or bowling alley.

HS - workoutHS - Kaleb weddingHS - fishing

The typical HolySmokes guys have tough questions and strong opinions. They are curious about becoming better men, and know that becoming better doesn’t happen by accident.

They want to engage in discussion, and not be preached to. They want to be asked their opinion, and not be told what to do. They want to feel like they have something to offer, not just a bunch they have to change about themselves.

These guys are probably married, but they don’t have to be. While
there are no age restrictions, it is likely that they have both
parents and children.

HS - jim brent kalebHS - peeing in pool

You know….regular guys.

What do we mean about becoming better at the “Game of Life?”  Simple.  Every man plays up to 5 different roles simultaneously.  They are:

  • Himself
  • A son
  • A father
  • A husband
  • A brother (or friend):

Even if you are pretty good at all of those things, we can always get better.  Each week, we present and kick around ideas that help do just that.  We don’t teach.  We learn from each other as the night goes on.  And, we can never predict how the group will resolve issues.  Sometimes, they don’t get resolved, or guys take away different conclusions.  That’s fine.

HS - MGP speakingWe meet in bars and restaurants.  If you want a cocktail – no problem.  Most do. This isn’t a bible study.  We don’t sit around and talk about our problems, or share our “feelings” with the group.  What we do is tackle one topic each evening.

We watch a video about a subject that most people deal with regularly, and then we discuss/debate the material.  Is it true?  Is it relevant?  What does it mean in real life?  Every week, almost everyone leaves a little wiser than they came.

HS - China barOver time, people are a little more intentional about the things they do, rather than simply responding to stimuli, like some sort of single cell amoeba.  We don’t read books.  And each week stands on its own.  You can miss meetings and not miss a beat when you get back.  The power of HolySmokes is cumulative, not consecutive.

That’s who we are.  All we’re missing is you!

One thought on “We are Holy Smokes…

  1. Tyler Grant says:

    I am a new husband as well as a new father. My walk with God is good and we have a Christian foundation in my family, however, my walk with him could be much better. I dont read the bible nearly as much as I should. This group would be a perfect beginning for me to further my walk with the lord and to learn to become a better father and husband. Thank you so much for bringing this group into our community.

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