Redefining Success

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July 9, 2013 by Kevin Manley

Our culture dictates that men are supposed to be successful and that we are to achieve as much success as possible.  But, are we required to live up to society’s definition of success or even someone elses?  Is there a “correct” definition of success and how do we know if we are pursuing the right one?

We started by watching the video below by a blogger called The Resident.  She interviewed men and women on the street and asked how they define success.

While , some interviewees had some typical responses about obtaining money or happiness, most provided more enlightened answers about living well, helping others, etc.  However, these answers sounded more like what those people would like success to mean, but probably not the definition they strive toward daily.

So, the question is how do we redefine the definition of success that has been programmed into us?  It’s not enough just to state a different definition.  We watched a second video of Wayne Huizenga, founder of Blockbuster.

Wayne grew up with a definition of success as cars, money, respect, and power.  He felt generally happy, but knew that something was missing and that he was insatiable.  He was trying to fill a “hole in his heart that was consuming everything he was trying to put in”.  He finally discovered that a relationship with Jesus filled that hole and completely changed his definition of success.

I asked the group “Is it really that easy?” and some said “Yes”.  Wayne’s ultimate measure of success is meeting Jesus and having him say “Well done my good and faithful son.”   We talked about how giving up control may be the only way to truly achieve this and letting go of other external definitions of success.  Seek God first and strive to please Him and don’t worry about worldly measures of success.

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