The Pride Test

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May 29, 2013 by Kevin Manley

Our Holy Smokes group got together this week to talk about a subject that seems to touch every aspect of men’s lives, and it has been for our entire lives … Pride.  Is it always bad?

We started with a video by Mark Driscoll called “The Pride Test.”

It consists of 10 questions:

1.  Do you long for attention?

2.  Do you become jealous or critical of people that succeed?

3.  Do you always have to win?

4.  Do you have a pattern of lying?

5.  Do you have a hard time acknowledging you were wrong?

6.  Do you have a lot of conflicts with other people?

7.  Do you cut in line at the airport, driving, or at the grocery store?

8.  Do you get upset when someone doesn’t acknowledge your achievements?

9.  Do you tend toward of attitude of entitlement other than thankfulness?

10. Do you honestly feel that basically you are superior to others and are a good person?

Some of these questions didn’t immediately seem to translate to pride until we talked about them.  We realized  how deep-rooted pride is in our very nature as men.  A lot of our discussion was about not changing what we were doing, but the underlying reason we are doing it.

Here were a few of the comments:

“Just be who you are – all God given”

“Everything is a gift – it’s not about me”

“If it separates you from other people then it’s negative pride”

“Find a balance between success and expected accomplishments”

“Don’t allow business ‘requirements’ of pride or ‘winning the deal’ slip into your personal life”

“Wanting to win isn’t bad”

We concluded that pride is really a mindset.  We can do many of the same things but with a sense of thankfulness, not entitlement.  We can be competitive and “win” without focusing on another’s loss.  We can find joy in our accomplishments without having them acknowledged by others or being jealous of another’s accomplishment.

“The Solution of Pride is not Humility”

He states that our overt attempts at humility are often again just masked pride, wanting others to see or acknowledge our humility.  We should instead strive to be completely humbled by God, recognizing that everything comes through Him and pride will take care of itself.

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