Give him your sandwich…or go to jail!

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May 7, 2013 by Brian


Many men have developed a sort of moral satisfaction out of paying their “fair share,” when they really had nothing to do with the decision.  Many times we do things because we are forced to. Or, we are guilted into doing them.  What if the things we are forced to do are good, positive things?  Can we take credit- feel good about our morality and responsibility – if we really didn’t have a choice?  The general consensus is No.  We can’t.

Coercion negates philanthropy.  Any act done through coercion forecloses on our ability to take personal credit.

Tonight we watched a somewhat political video, but we kept politics out of the discussion.  That was the rule…no politics.  Let’s use this video as a conversation starter about the morality of a transaction.  It was a call to action for men to do MORE than they are forced/guilted into doing, and not feeling good about themselves just because they did something they were forced into doing.

Specifically, we talked about giving and taxes.  If we pay our taxes, have we done all that we are supposed to do as men?  Have we satisfied our obligation to the common good, and those around us by writing a check to the IRS? Or, are we supposed to do more for the people close to us?

Check out the video below.  It is short…and funny.

In the end, I suppose we decided that we are to “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s ”  After that, we start the work of executing our responsibilities for those less fortunate than we.

Part of being a better man is to accept the responsibility to call other men out of the wagon.  Help pull, walk alongside…whatever.  Just get out of the wagon and join the ranks of the responsible.  If we all set our sights on getting one person out of the wagon, the results will be exponential.   (You’ll have to watch the video for any of this to make sense!)

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