The Power Of Influence


April 1, 2013 by Brian

Executive Summary:  As men, we have the power and responsibility to choose most of the influences in our lives.  Often we give up our power to choose, and simply adapt to whatever comes along.  Or, we become creatures of habit, doing little to improve the daily set of circumstances which influence us the most.

Reality check….Studies show we are the average of all our influences.  Not the best of each item that influences us, or the worst.  Just…the average.  This made a number of guys say something like “I need to change some friends/things to increase my averages!”  Yes we do.

Here is the video that talks about the things that influence us.

Since we now understand the Power of Influence, we resolve to take action!  This week we resolve to either remove a negative influence, or add something positive.  Really, we should do this regularly, always seeking to improve our average.

Here is a quote that speaks to the power over which friends influence us.  You can click on it to see the entire article.

Using John Maxwell’s writings about leadership, and reviewing an example of a speech given by mother Theresa, we considered our role as an influence on others.  Are we bringing them up, or down? We should always try to make people better.  When should we use our influence? How do we get influence over others in the first place?  Earn their respect.

We clearly need an entire session on the topic of our influence over others.

One thought on “The Power Of Influence

  1. Kevin Manley says:

    We had a great group and discussion last Wednesday night at Ivy Lane. They took this concept in directions I didn’t expect. Ideas like, “Should we not drop off those at the bottom of our 5, but, instead, try to bring those people up with our influence?” Also, “What do we do with negative influences in our 5 that we can’t avoid, such as at work?” I’m looking forward to next week!

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