Do you have a vision for your wife, kids and generations to come?


February 25, 2013 by Brian


A number of regular HolySmokes guys said this was the best night ever for them. It stinks that the video we watched is not available on YouTube, or anywhere on the web, so I can’t link to it for the blog. We watched session 9 from a video series titled “Stepping Up.” The video was about 35 minutes long, and was actually a compilation of about 7 short videos stitched together. After scouring the web, I was able to find a couple of the segments – but not all the good ones! – and have inserted them below.

Here is a funny one that played first. Sad…but true stuff.

Most guys agreed with the following: Pray with our wives wives??? You must be kidding…. This next video deals with the anxiety around being the “spiritual leader” of the home. No. We can’t do a 100′ high jump on our own, and lowering the bar isn’t the right choice.

A couple guys said they were going to do a planning session like the one described in the next video. Until this meeting, it hadn’t occurred to many of us that this was even in our job description. Are we really supposed to be laying the foundation for our grandkids and great grandchildren? We need to have goals and objectives for the family we might not live long enough to meet?

In our meeting a year ago about Being a Better Son, we talked about generational curses. One of them is that our dads grew up in a different time, and the emotional interaction with their own fathers ewas largely non-existent. If we want to have different relationships, and be better men, we might open our eyes to the potential struggles of our own fathers. This video helps us to understand how important it is that we let our kids know how much we value them.

It is unfortunate that the two best videos (as voted by the group) are unavailable online. There were two videos that were especially powerful. The first laid out that our second most important mission on earth is to encourage and grow the glory of our wives. In it, the speaker described something he did 10 years ago that altered the course of history for he and his wife. This concept explained in the video was shocking, and motivating. At the end of the evening, overwhelmingly, it was this video that was the basis for most of the action steps this week.

There was also a video segment, probably titled “Would You Take a Million Dollars” that was equally shocking and hit home with a lot of the men in the room. Let’s face it…guys work a lot. The impact on our kids was exposed in this video in a way that we’d never experienced before.

The idea that we are laying the foundation for all future generations of our family, and we should pay close attention to that responsibility was a theme in the videos. What we are teaching, and expecting from our kids and grandkids, should be in line with that mission. My personal favorite line from all of the video segments was:

Our children are the living messengers to a time we will not see. What message are we sending?

If you can afford it, do yourself a favor and go online and order the DVD set. It is roughly $90, and available here:

One thought on “Do you have a vision for your wife, kids and generations to come?

  1. curtis says:

    It was almost too much to take in during one night. Actually, it was too much. All great information but got my mind working in overdrive to figure out how and when and where to try and apply it to my life.

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