Machine Gun Preacher


January 28, 2013 by Brian

machine gun preacher

The fourth week of HolySmokes we took a risk and showed a 2 hour movie called Courageous.  As I recall, there wasn’t much discussion afterward because most of us were speechless at the end.  The theme of being “Courageous” has been a significant objective of our topics ever since.  Courageous Blog here…

This week we did it again.  We watched Machine Gun Preacher.  This was a great movie with  powerful messages of Passion( bout something greater than yourself), Sacrificing everything to pursue that passion, and Taking Action (instead of just talking).  Another theme of HolySmokes has been that all men need a “Battle to Fight.”  This movie showed one man’s literal battle, and how being engaged in it gave his life purpose and meaning, and benefited thousands of others.

The discussion was good.  One of the guys said “I’ve never had that much passion about anything in my life.”  All of us agreed..neither had we.  Men should be passionate.  Another guy commented that each of us has certain talents and abilities, and it is likely that we will find ourselves engaged in a Battle that requires the capabilities we have.  The Machine Gun Preacher wasn’t a great talker, or politican.  He was terrible at raising money for his cause and getting others to join him in the fight.  He was a warrior.  Brave and committed.  Which is exactly what the children of the Sudan needed.  He was “for the people,” but they needed a lot more than a central-florida personal injury attorney.

Some of our guys were critical of his disregard for his own family in favor of the kids in Africa.  Most of us thought he lost his way at times, thinking he was God, rather than following his calling, which is true.  I think that was the point in one part of the movie.

The Machine Gun Preacher would have failed in his efforts if it weren’t for the strength of, and partnership with, his wife. Without the encouragement of his wife, he would have given up right when he needed to fight. I think all the HolySmokes guys understand that to be true in their lives, too.

In the end, we decided that being a passionate and action oriented are requirements of being a better man.  Now….quit reading this blog and go DO something!  😉

One thought on “Machine Gun Preacher

  1. Bill Bramer says:

    Good stuff guys. I’m having to find the line between passion and abuse.

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