Accountability vs Judgement

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January 21, 2013 by Kaleb Scharmahorn


Tonight we watched a short video about Josh Hamilton, one of the greatest and most known names in major league baseball today. Josh was drafted number 1 in 1999 by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Shortly after being drafted he was in a car wreck that sidelined him from baseball due to injuries. To pass the time he found himself hanging out with some new friends at a tattoo parlor where he first experienced the drugs that would later rule his life. After a lengthy time of in and out of rehab, struggling in his marriage, and being suspended from baseball, Josh finally came to the point where he turned to God. A long story short, it was this point in his life that things began to turn around and Josh began seeking out accountability in his life from coaches, friends, and family. Today, Josh is back in the majors and has been associated with title of the “Modern Day Mickey Mantle.” He is a 3 time MLB All-Star, ALMVP, and player of the year.

The night we watched this video there was a great discussion on the difference between accountability vs. judgement. Its easy for guys (or anyone really) to judge someone based on their actions, especially someone like Josh who was an alcoholic and drug addict and threw away the american dream. The difference in accountability and judgement is that one is empowering and helpful the other is damning. Imagine if he just had people in his life telling him he screwed up and he wasn’t worth the time….baseball would definitely be different today. It was because of great accountability in Josh’s life that he was able to get back on the right track and be encouraged to become the ‘hall of fame’ baseball player everyone knew he could be. Our discussion really made all us guys examine the need for accountability in our own life. We realized that you dont have to be a alcohol addicted baseball player or a drug-enhanced cyclists and cancer activist to have the need for accountability.

Accountability is something that you have to ask for and seek out. We all know those people that try and speak into our lives because they feel like they can make us better or they know the answer every time we are ‘wrong’ but know one has ever asked their opinion. True accountability has to be sought out. You have to find other men you trust and ask them to be honest with you.

We had watched a totally separate video months ago about a “Band of Brothers’ and this concept has continued to be proven true. We must all find our band of brothers and realize the value in having other people sharpen us and make us better men. We can’t be great on our own. Accountability is much like ‘iron sharpening iron’. When ‘iron sharpens iron’ there are two distinct things that are involved: time and pressure.

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