What is it about competition?


October 29, 2012 by Kaleb Scharmahorn


What is it about competition that makes a man come alive? Why does competition seem to come up in so many areas of a man’s life? When does competition become unhealthy?

These are great questions for any man to think about. Competition is real and relevant. I am not just talking about competing in an olympic distance triathlon against your training nemesis or a midnight muscle car drag race. Competition comes up in our workplace, friendships, and even our marriages. For many of us men, competition is exactly the motivation we need to success because it pushes us to become better, stronger, and smarter. Healthy competition can help keep that spirit of adventure alive in a man’s heart and keep him feeling young and full of life. Whether it is competing against someone or just competing against our ‘yesterday-self’ it is that competition that makes us a better man. Sadly, so many have lost or forgotten that spirit of competition and maybe along with it forgotten their manhood.

However, if we are not careful, it is also very easy for us to find ourselves crossing the threshold from healthy competition to the unhealthy. The key for a man is recognizing when competition makes him better or when it simply makes him a fool. For example, the spirit of competition may be great to have when chasing after that raise at work, but be careful when that same spirit of competition finds itself creeping into an argument with your wife. When the ‘want’ to win the argument overshadows the ‘need’ to just say your sorry you can be sure you have chosen the wrong path. Competition is wrongly used when it’s tooled as a weapon.

In closing, I believe to really become a better man, you must allow yourself competition. Just make sure you are ‘picking the right fights.’

One thought on “What is it about competition?

  1. Bill Bramer says:

    Thanks Kaleb.

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