Unpacking Islam – What Do We Need To Know?

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September 24, 2012 by Brian

This week we added a new category to work on while we “Build Better Men” – being informed.  There is very little that is less understood by most people in the west than the religion of Islam.  A quick poll of the room found that to most of us – well…actually all of us –  our understanding of Islam was a small collection of vocabulary words.  I am hesitant to write them all in one place, as I am already concerned about being on the FBI’s watch list, just from doing google research for this meeting! ha!

We watched an introductory video – a reply of a simulcast from a couple years ago – put on by the CCN.  You can watch the video here.

After the video, we had much discussion and really wanted to know more.  After all, this was only an introduction.  We agreed to watch a more educational series of videos in the weeks and months ahead.

The discussion centered around how much we really didn’t know about Muslims, and the contrasts between Islam and Christianity.  We didn’t come to many conclusions, because we just don’t know enough to have well developed opinions.

At least no one came barging in on the meeting, threatening violence to our lovely bartender and anyone who would dare come to her defense!

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