The Wound(s) – We ALL have them


August 20, 2012 by Brian

We seriously considered skipping the videos about “The Wound” and “Healing the Wound.”  Am I glad we didn’t.  It is the discovery of these wounds, and our response to them (from which we have crafted practically our entire personality) that is the very foundation of muh of Wild at Heart.  Without your heart – your whole heart, including the healed wounds – man cannot be fully alive and fulfill his destiny.  Everything starts with the heart..and we men  need to get ours back!

Our group doesn’t lack intellectual or emotional depth.  The men of HolySmokes are courageous, smart, daring, and come from all different backgrounds and circumstances.  Still, is was very hard for most of us to personalize this video.  The default position of most guys is: “I don’t have a wound.”  “My dad was a good guy.”  “I’ll have to think about this.”

The benefit of being delayed in writing this blog post is that we have already had the follow-up meeting called “Healing the Wound.”  Since I saw how powerful that night was, I know this week really sank in.  Guys did their homework.

In doing research for this topic I ran across another blog that did a very thorough job of dissecting this topic and expanding on it.  If you have the time, it is worth the read.  Here it is:

The bottom line is that we all – yes, ALL – have wounds from our fathers.  Most of them were unintentional.  And, they have shaped who we are.  In order to be fully alive, wild, dangerous and free, we have to enter those wounds and let the healing begin.  Whether we “hide” our wounds at work, or at home, in our hobby choices, or passivity – we have to stop hiding and face our fears.  The things that scare us, or make us uncomfortable, or about which we feel completely incompetent, or have nothing to offer – these are the areas we need to explore….with our band of brothers.

At some point, our kids are going to be sitting in a room talking about the wounds we have inflicted on them.  It is simply unavoidable.  Thankfully, the prescription for healing will be the same for them.

Till next week….  It’s a good one!

By the way…would someone please leave a comment so I know you’re out there! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Wound(s) – We ALL have them

  1. Bill Bramer says:

    Wish I had been there. Miss you guys.

  2. Jeff Parks says:

    I wish I were there as well. That is something I need to see!

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