If the Earth was a Golf Ball


August 6, 2012 by Brian

Tonight we watched a video by Louie Giglio that talked about the largeness of creation.  (See info about the speaker here).  During the video he helped give us some sense of the vastness of the universe by making comparisons of certain stars to the size of the earth.  “If the Earth, was the size of a golf ball….you would be able to fit 4.7 quadrillion earths inside the star called….etc.”  Additionally, he explained the numbers like million, billion, trillion and quadrillion by comparing them to seconds of time.

The size and scale of the things Louie was describing was simply too much to comprehend.  Most guys were simply speechless and were struggling to make sense of the 1st half of the video, because it’s just to big to comprehend.

For those that are believers – Christians – this video was an affirmation of their faith.  Overwhelmingly, men were moved by the greatness of God and the awesome size and power of the creator of the universe.  Similarly, and conversely, these videos make the unarguable case that in the grand scheme of things…we are pretty small.  How amazing that a God this big, cares about us when we are so small.

For those that aren’t believers, the astronomy lesson was pretty cool, but the whole “fearfully and wonderfully made” portion of the video wasn’t very moving.  The discussion was wide ranging and the take-home portion of the meeting was interesting as well.

The video can be found below:

One of the segments of the video talked about a protein molecule called Laminin.  Just for fun, here is a link to more information about the molecule that “holds us together.”  The shape of it will probably freak you out. Click Here.

Here are the comments from the men in the room about what they are taking away from tonight’s discussion.

If we only had faith in things that were concrete, we wouldn’t believe
in much. Let ourselves have faith in something overwhelming that we
can’t fully comprehend is a part of being a better man.

We are insignificant in the scheme of things but significant to each other.

I am going to try to pay attention to the quote of Saint Augustine that Louie mentioned.  Man is pretty impressive.  (Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering. – Augustine)

I have a new perspective on the bigness of it all.

I have a renewed confidence in the unknown

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have a God that cares no matter how big our issues are.

We have worldly irrelevance and faith relevance.

I’m simply humble and grateful.

Control is an illusion. Ok without having everything figured out.

I love laminin! Really awesome.

This was intellectually overwhelming. The bigness and the smallness. He holds
it together.

I still have the same struggles but they just become much smaller

We all see things through our own predetermined ideas.

I am insignificant. But in his mind I am significant.

One thought on “If the Earth was a Golf Ball

  1. Bill Bramer says:

    Amazing grace here.

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