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June 8, 2012 by Kaleb Scharmahorn

This past monday (June 4th)  was our first Monday meeting and the group had a great discussion on the topic of “BALANCE”. A special thanks to Adam Kearney for being our ‘Keynote Speaker’ for the night and bringing some great insight to balance in our lives.

The nights discussion took many different angles and many great thoughts were spoken. We all resolved that balance is an important measure in our lives and it is something that takes definition and constant evaluation. We must DEFINE our balance before we try and be balanced.

An obvious area of balance is in our finances. Balancing the money we make; the money we give; and the money we spend is a great principle that is not always as easy as it sounds. There will always be external pressures that persuade. Even though finances take up a lot of our bandwidth on balance, the struggle doesn’t end there.

How do we balance our time? our interests? our faith? family? You get the picture. Life is one big circus act of balance. If we spend more time working and making money for our family it is by default more time not spent with our families. Balance takes constant evaluation and definition.

Is there a standard of balance? Many of us agreed that different seasons of life bring with them different versions of balance. All of us agreed that it is important to have mentors in our life to help us wade through those unfamiliar seasons. Is our standard of balance based on us and our season or is it based on something that has, is, and will always be the same? Many of us confessed that our standards of balance have, at times, been focused on us and how we juggle the things in our life…hopefully never letting them fall. How does that approach to balance change when the fulcrum is no longer ourselves, success, or status; but GOD.

‘Five Finger’ left us with a great way to evaluate balance: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance. Define the balance before you try to be balanced.

Evaluate. Define. Implement.

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